Family Promise of Beaverton


Family Promise of Beaverton

Family Promise Week

October 22-29, 2017

This past January in Beaverton, there were 9 children sleeping in cars with their families during the height of our snow storms.

Our mission is to help homeless and low-income children and their families regain housing and independence through a community based response. Check out our events tab for events happening throughout the week.

Family Promise of Beaverton is a nonprofit organization committed to help children and their families affected by homelessness in the Beaverton area.

We are well aware of Portland’s homeless situation, but do you know of the homeless crisis we are experiencing right here in Beaverton? The Beaverton School district informed us mid November 2016, there were 49 “unsheltered” students in the first two and half months of the school year. Unsheltered means students had no place to stay; they are not only without a home, but no temporary hotel, no crashing on a relative’s floor, no friends couch, or even a car. The growing number of unsheltered students is a heartbreaking crisis that needs immediate action.

Our main focus is to help our future guest families get back into permanent, sustainable housing and employment as quickly as possible. While in our program, guests will receive food, shelter, and comprehensive support services.  Guest’s families will also have the opportunity to develop enduring life skills through individualized case management by staff and through personal mentoring by volunteers. When we help parents meet their basic needs and give them the opportunity to create a plan to get back on their feet, they can begin to realize their dreams of providing a better life for their children.  This improves the lives of future generations and also changes our community for the better.

Do you want to help, but not sure how?

Family Promise welcomes families with children experiencing homelessness, puts them into immediate temporary shelter, gets the children to school, and assists parents with permanent long term solutions.  It is an established and successful program, but we need help getting the program running here in Beaverton and there are many ways to make a difference.

We would love to tell you more about Family Promise. If you are interested in more information, volunteering or to get one of our volunteers to come talk to your group, organization or congregation please email us at 

We can work together to address this crisis!