How to Help


How to Help

You can help in many ways

- Volunteer Opportunities
- Congregational Opportunities
- Organization or Group Opportunities


Want to volunteer?

We are excited to let you know that we are implementing a new computerized program to coordinate and track our volunteer hours.  The system will enable us to match your volunteering interests and talents to available opportunities at Family Promise of Beaverton.  We would appreciate it if you could take the time to update your volunteer profile with your current information. 

There are a wide variety of volunteering opportunities available.  Some opportunities are ongoing and some are one time only as needed.  Time commitments vary from one hour to overnight hosting.  We provide all needed training and background checks (if needed). 

We would like to thank all of you for being a part of the Family Promise community.   It is due to your participation that we are able to make a difference in the lives of our families.  We encourage you to fill out the volunteer interest survey with your current volunteer interests and availability even if you have previously filled out an interest survey.  Once the volunteer data base is updated, we will be contacting you for opportunities to volunteer based on your profile. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Help us create your volunteer profile in our new volunteer system!

Volunteer Opportunities

Help us create your volunteer profile in our new volunteer system!

Volunteer Opportunities That May Match Your Passion and Availability


Make a Meal
Provide hot, nutritious food for children and families who may not otherwise have a nourishing meal

Evening Hosting
Share time and meals with children and their families, offering them community and support as they work towards sustainable independence

Serve as overnight hosts who stay with families overnight and help them get their mornings off to a great start

Homework Help
Work with children in the program, helping them learn and excel at school

Prepare Sites
Help set up a welcoming environment before families arrive for the week

Family Mentoring
Partner with a family for a long-term peer relationship to ensure they will be able to stay in housing and meet their goals

Gather essentials like diapers, household items, and school supplies from donors around town


Career Readiness
Empower families for success by helping with resumes, interview skills, and identifying career pathways

Financial Literacy
Help families build the base for sustainability by teaching skills like budgeting and credit repair

Good Tenancy
Give families support and guidance as they move into housing

Health and Wellness
Participate in programs that address mental and physical wellness for families

Empower families with computer and technology skills, thus allowing them to advance at work and at home

Styling Services
Prepare our guests for the workforce by providing haircuts, beard grooming, or advice on how to dress for interviews


Help our families and supplies get from point A to point B by driving the van between host locations and Day Center or hauling the trailer to/from a new host location each Sunday

Day Center
Help keep the daytime space uplifting by socializing with the families, reading to the kids, or performing housekeeping tasks

Plan, support, and participate in events to raise awareness and funding for families

Public Relations
Use your skills to help share our mission and raise awareness about family homelessness through print communications and social media

Repair and Renew
Refurbish, renovate, upkeep, and gardening projects around Day Center and new homes for families

Anything Needed
Add your name to our list of volunteers we can call at the last minute

Congregation Opportunities

Congregation Opportunities

Congregational Opportunities

In order to open our doors we need to find 13 host congregations who are willing to open their doors to our families for 1 week, 4 times a year. We can make this work in many different ways.

Each week, Sunday evening through the following Sunday morning, Family Promise of Beaverton needs one Host Congregation, a Volunteer Coordinator, 35-50 volunteers, meals and other supplies for a total of 52 weeks.

Primary Host Congregations

We are looking for congregations and community organizations to host 3-5 families a week,  4 times a year. Which includes providing all volunteers, food, and supplies for each week.

Host Congregations

We recognize not all congregations and community organizations can provide all the pieces needed to host 3-5 families a week,  4 times a year. They provide the building but not necessarily providing all volunteers, food, and supplies for each week. They would partner with support congregations and community organizations to help fill the gaps with getting volunteers, food and supplies needed.

Support Congregations

Support congregations and community organizations are groups that don't have space to host families, however can partner with hosts to help contribute volunteers, food, and supplies needed for the designated weeks.


Organization or Group Opportunities

Organization or Group Opportunities

Organization and Group Opportunities

Are you a part of a local group, organization or business and looking to get involved? You can partner with hosts sites to help contribute volunteers, food, and supplies needed for the designated weeks. There will also be opprotunities to volunteer at our Day Center and participate and the programs of Family Promise of Beaverton. Contact us for a list of opprotunities.