About Us


We are a united community helping stabilize and transform children and their families experiencing homelessness in Beaverton.

Our Core Values

Radical Compassion – We have heart – we show respect, kindness and patience in how we speak, see and act

Value Each Persons Gifts and Talents – We value every guest, every volunteer, every employee for who they are

Driven By Hope – we are people of possibility – by working together we can help transform lives

Enterprising, Empowering Teams – We before Me – We believe that by working together we can create better outcomes than we can independently

Pursuit of Excellence – We don’t settle – We seek the very best in our work and relationships

Common Causes of Homelessness

Lack of affordable housing – The most prevalent cause

Gentrification - Unfortunately, we are seeing more of this in our Beaverton neighborhoods

No Cause Eviction - Finding a place and putting together moving costs with only 30-60 days notice can be a nightmare.

Unemployment– Losing a job or even hours, especially at minimum wage, often can tip a family into the streets

Family break up – When a parent leaves the family, the family income might go with them, leaving the remaining parent to carry the burden on their own

Domestic Violence – Leaving an abusive relationship can cut off financial resources and stable support system

Medical Bills - Medical emergencies can happen to anyone and can be financially devastating to some.